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Preschool Program

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Madrasah Entrance Preparation

Madrasah Entrance Preparation

Aifuza Learning Academy Preschool Program focuses on students who are preparing to take the Madrasah Entrance Exam in April. Subjects that we offer in our preschool program are Phonics, English, Mathematics, Malay and Arabic. 

Practising daily du'as and Surahs from Juz Amma are also provided in our preschool program. Our aim for our preschool students is to ensure that they become independent learners and eloquent speakers. By the end of the Preschool Program, we believe that our students are prepared to sit for the Madrasah Entrance Exam equipped with Aifuza Learning Academy Curriculum. 

We believe that hands on and learning manipulative are essential to our preschool student's learning. Hence, learning is not just bound by pencil and paper.

For more information on our preschool program, you may contact us directly on our website or whatsapp us at 87338107. 

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